Stems & Veins Kratom

Are you quitting kratom? Stems and vein is a kratom alternative that only contains 0.7% of mitragynine. Last batch was manufactured on 23/08/23.
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Category Green kratom vein

flag-800 Blend of stem and vein kratom from leafs

  • Are you taking a break from kratom? Stems & vein might be the kratom alternative for you.
  • We are selling this product for more than 3 years in a few variations.
  • Only recently we had managed to improve it significantly.
  • Fine grind using a GMP certified machine.
  • Mitragynine content only 0.7%.
  • We're currently selling supplies from 23/08/23 from our primary vendor. 
  • All supplies are stored on a dry place. When opened, the product is packed and sealed immediately.
  • Kratom powder is grinded from stems and vein mixture and is manually dried using a proprietary process.
  • Gamma irradiated and double UV light treatment.
  • Tested for heavy metals and bacteria. Happy to share last test results from 07/06/23.
  • You can order them at the following weights: 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 125g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1kg.
  • Prices range from 2 EUR for the smallest package to 99.8 EUR for the largest package.
  • Ten grams of stem and vein kratom (mitragyne) can be purchased for less than 1 EUR!
  • Kratom sold in this shop is not an approved supplement in the EU. We are selling it only for collector’s and study purposes.