Kratom wholesale

flag-800 In this section you'll find our wholesale options. Suitable for large quantity and regular orders and Kratom reselling. We have a rich experience with kratom wholesaling. All of our kratom is available in stock in Prague 2. As a buyer, you are not taking any risk as all logistical and administrative tasks related to kratom shipping and customs handling are done by us. You just need to come to our site and buy any amount of kratom that you like, All of our kratom business is legitimate and as such you will receive a sales invoice with every purchase.

You can reach us at +420 777 016 453 or at+420 212 248 256.


We speak English, German, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.


flag-800 Kratom wholesale prices

  • Each package weighs 1 kg.
  • Every package can contain a different kratom vein. You can choose as many options as you want. 
  • Sold and delivered all together at once.
  • Kratom can be collected in person in Prague 2 or sent anywhere to Czechia or EU.
  • All of our supplies are available in stock.
Wholesale Item Price EUR Price EUR per kg
Kratom 5 kg 465 93
Kratom 10 kg 845 84
Kratom 15 kg 1,204 80
Kratom 20 kg 1,542 77
Kratom 50 kg 3,538 71
Kratom 100 kg 6,481 65
Kratom 200 kg 12,139 61


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