Gold Kratom

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flag-800 In this category you will find special kratom strains from limited supplies. We have four veins Yellow, Gold, Brown and Green crushed leafs.
  • Gold and yellow strains are our proprietary kratoms that we market since 2020 using the same process.
  • Gold kratom is our top 3 kratom and our customers love it due to its seducing color and aroma. It combines the best of kratom veins.
  • Yellow kratom is an alternative for white vein for those who only need Mach 1 speed.
  • Brown kratom has a chocolate color and an intensive smell of honey. It resembles red and green kratom.
  • We also offer crushed kratom leaf. Despite not ground, the kratom crumb keeps most of the mitragyna.
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Brand Fine Kratom EU
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Category Special kratom vein
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Product code GLD0025 Pack: 25g In stock €4.20
Product code GLD0050 Pack: 50g In stock €8
Product code GLD0100 Pack: 100g In stock €13.70
Product code GLD0125 Pack: 125g In stock €16.90
Product code GLD0250 Pack: 250g In stock €32.50
Product code GLD0500 Pack: 500g In stock €59.10
Product code GLD1000 Pack: 1kg In stock €109.80

flag-800 Gold kratom vein

  • You can order them at the following weights: 25g, 50g, 100g, 125g, 250g, 500g, 1kg.
  • Prices range from 3.8 EUR for the smallest package to 99.8 EUR for the largest package.
  • Ten grams of gold kratom can be purchased for less than 0.1 EUR!
  • Kratom sold in this shop is not an approved supplement in the Czech Republic. We are selling it only for collector’s and study purposes.